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Monday 30 Apr 2018    Paris News, Dans le Coin

Dans le Coin, Cédric Grolet Le Meurice

Find out all about Cedric Grolet,Chef Pâtissière at Le Meurice and a wizard of Parisian pastry.

As the celebrated pastry chef of Le Meurice, Cédric Grolet is a major star on the French pastry scene - not to mention Instagram, where his account @cedricgrolet boasts almost 900k followers. In March 2018, Paris was spoiled even further when a self-contained boutique opened just off the rue de Rivoli, showcasing Grolet's award-winning talents!

For almost two centuries Le Meurice has been a cornerstone of Paris hospitality, flaunting its fabulous location on the illustrious rue de Rivoli - meaning views over the Tuileries Gardens. If you love your 18th-century interiors with a dash of contemporary panache, Le Meurice won't disappoint. 

©NialClutton The beautiful colonnades of the rue de Rivoli

Having welcomed the likes of Balzac, Dali and Warhol, Le Meurice has long been an icon of sumptuous style, but it's also a gastronomic destination in its own right: the hotel's stately restaurant, Le Meurice Alain Ducasse glitters with two Michelin Stars, no less.

©NialClutton Dramatic meets dreamy at the Le Meurice Alain Ducasse Restaurant

Sure, Cédric probably needs a dedicated room for all his awards, but in 2017, he was also named “World’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef” by Les Grandes Tables du Monde, meaning you can find one of Planet Earth's most innovative and exciting pastry visionaries right here in Paris, just moments from the Tuileries Gardens.

During his time at Le Meurice, Grolet has transformed the hotel’s Afternoon Tea into one of the most decadent indulgences in the city thanks to his fantastical creations. Just how fantastical? THIS fantastical.

©PierreMoneta A signature creation from Gromet, these "limes" are literally bursting with imagination.

Is it a lime? Is it a sweet? Is it a pastry? Willy Wonka would surely have approved of Grolet's playful, whimsical creations - a perfect marriage of fun, masterful technique and flavour. 

Until now, those looking to discover Grolet’s fantastical creations needed to splash out on the Afternoon Tea at the hotel’s Dali restaurant - an exercise in dreamy design by the master of dramatic interiors, Philippe Starck. The Afternoon Tea comes in at €60 per person and - of course - it’s money well spent, but now there’s a delightful alternative for those on a tighter budget.

Courtesy of Cédric Grolet - have you ever seen a lovelier apple tart?

Enter Le Meurice Cédric Grolet, a dedicated pastry shop on the rue de Castiglione, where the pastry chef's famous trompe-l’oeil fruits are displayed like the jewels they are, safe behind glass. You’ll also find kugelhopf, éclairs, perfect Paris Brest and the beautifully intricate apple tart pictured above. If you're lucky. Read all about Cedric Grolet in our blog post on the pastry wizard just here.

©PierreMoneta Or you could opt for a "lemon" instead...

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