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Galette des Rois - A Guide to French Pastries

Every month, we'll bring you a brand new French pastry including a little history, and the traditions that surround it!

18/12/2020 The French Pastry Guide

Festive Favourites - A Guide to French Pastries

At this time of year it's all about treats - so we thought we'd round up our Festive French Favourites!

26/11/2019 The French Pastry Guide

Bûche de Noël - A Guide to French Pastries

As we gear up to the festive season we're readying all our best recipes, so we thought we'd introduce the seasonal treat par excellence - the French Yule Log!

30/10/2019 The French Pastry Guide

Baba au Rhum - A Guide to French Pastries

When does a pastry go from being a good idea to being ingenious? When you pour rum over it, of course.

23/09/2019 The French Pastry Guide

Opera - A Guide to French Pastries

We dive into the many layers of the Opera cake - and find out where it gets its name!

24/08/2019 The French Pastry Guide

Macarons - A Guide to French Pastries

In recent years it seems the world has gone mad for macarons. Stand aside cupcakes, move over cronuts! The age of the macaron has arrived.

15/07/2019 The French Pastry Guide

Mille-feuille - A Guide to French Pastries

Translating to "a million leaves", Mille-feuille can be tricky, but it's well worth the effort - and it's definitely got the wow factor!

27/06/2019 The French Pastry Guide

Clafoutis - Including Recipe! - A Guide to French Pastries

All about Clafoutis - an easy, adaptable recipe that you can tweak to suit your tastes all year round!

30/05/2019 French Recipes & more!, The French Pastry Guide

Choux-nanigans - A Guide to French Pastries

When it comes to Choux Pastry, the options are almost endless. Dive into the eclectic world of choux pastry!

29/04/2019 French Recipes & more!, The French Pastry Guide

Canelé (Plus Recipe!) - A Guide to French Pastries

This month we're off to Bordeaux to discover the history of this honey-gold baked treat.

29/03/2019 The French Pastry Guide

Croissants - A Guide to French Pastry

It's the iconic French breakfast pastry that everyone knows and loves - but there's much more to know about the mighty Croissant...

27/02/2019 The French Pastry Guide

Kouign-amann - A Guide To French Pastry

When something translates to "Butter Cake" you know it's going to be a treat...

01/02/2019 The French Pastry Guide

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